Whitelisted server release

20/05/19 – The whitelisted server has been released to those who have been selected for the whitelist. After days of working tirelessly for this update we hope you enjoy this update.

London Life Christmas season

This is our first Christmas and we have plenty planned now the season has started first things to have changed are some parts of the map now have lit up Christmas tree’s as well as businesses having lights up outside and some on the insise. The second major change was the Loading screen, this has…
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06/09/2018 Updates

9/06/18 Updates – Added in more loading screen music. – New Scoreboard/ Player list. Showing jobs/ emergency services on duty (Keybind: Z) – New HUD / UI for money, job, hunger/thirst display. – Added in new drift /race cars to the Car Dealership from FAF. (They are addons and have very little to no customization…
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New site

Welcome to the London Life RP website.   We will be posting change logs, updates and news here.